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We aren’t just another coaching or consulting gig

We are a movement providing tools to the world to create fulfillment and inspiration

Are you ready to scale up your business?

We provide companies with the Business Accelerator system to THRIVE

Our Business & Life Acceleration Programs

We enable you to turn your visions into reality! The programs are designed to address all of you, your whole life in this order: BE, Do, Have. Though these teaching you Accelerate your Self-Awareness and apply it to the growth of your business.

Conscious Business

What kind of life do you want to live?

What kind of Business do you want to create?

Happy, Expansive, Healthy, Creative, Fulfilled & Inspired?

How do the two interact?

Thrive into your future! It is time!

Learn to use your energy to Master your life, your relationships, your business, your health and your wealth!

It is a Lifestyle!



Enroll in our courses! Get the tools to steer through rapid change.
Be a part of the movement to Thrive.

The Business Accelerator Bootcamp

Taught Live – On-Line Classroom


Small Select Group of Business Leaders

June 5 & 6, 2020

Discover the tools it takes to be a Leader in a Re-Set World!

Master-Mind with conscious business leaders committed to thriving, building wealth and being fulfilled business builders.

Seating is limited!

Are you an inspired business leader who is committed to making a shift in your growth & results!


Shift, Change, and Heal Your Money Story Course

On-Line Program

New Course Dates Soon!

Registration begins soon! Are you ready to learn the emerging Mind-Tech that enables you to receive money, allow more money to flow into your business and life and how to identify and release blocks to Receiving?


The Medicine Hat Business Accelerator System Certification Course

Live Program

Our 3-day Program May 27th-May 29th

 Turn your passion into profit and elevate your position within your industry for the very first time! Create additional streams of income. Stop trading time for money! Shift from having a self-created job to running a thriving business.


Consciously Build Your Future

Self Awareness has become increasingly popular for individuals & business leaders who wish to create life
on their terms. Our programs teach you how to harness your innate inner power to do so, in every area of your life.

Expand Your Awareness

Be a Leader in a Reset World

Leverage Global Change

Remove Your Blocks to Success

Shift From Surviving to Thriving

Raise Your Vibration

The Business Accelerator Boot Camp

Providing business leaders specialized business tools and executable steps to Accelerate growth.


The Foundation for Success

Mind Mastery!

(Neuro Science for moving past blocks such as limiting beliefs, fears/doubts, false premises, fixed points of view, negative perceptions)


The Foundation of Your Business

Business Model Development!

Mapping your business model is required for ROI and profitability. This critical step enables you to steer through current rapid change.


The Foundation for Who, What, When & How

Strategy creates movement in the right direction at the most effective time. The road map to executing on your Business Model in the most nimble directions comes from the Annual Strategic Plan.


The Foundation for Automation

Reach more clients, accomplish more with less time, eliminate repetitive work. The efficiency of Systems brings the Business Model and Annual Strategic Plan to life.


Attract inspired people and learn to coach them for peak performance & long term, consistent results

Revenue Streams

Increase revenue streams & identify dormant revenue, create new revenue sources


Are You Ready to Thrive?