Deborah Peters

Deborah Peters

'Everyone desires a life that is of dreams fulfilled! There are fundamental soul level intentions we desire and all share joy, peace, love, happiness, fun, and well-being.'

Inspired by her passion for creating change & turning ideas into results, Deborah began studying techniques to help people live bigger lives. Deborah’s consistent dedication and success eventually took her around the world Coaching, Speaking & Negotiating Deals in 16 countries. In 1996, Deborah founded Neuro Engineering Institute, a Coaching firm that trains SME’s and Business Leaders globally to create extraordinary results consistently at every level of function.

She grew up dreaming of experiencing other countries, cultures, geographies, seeking the inspiration and gaining the knowledge to make a difference. Pioneering new thought and implementing new strategies with and for business leaders that in turn, builds an economy in a way of moving us past poverty and ideas of scarcity.

With such a diverse background ranging from producing a podcast subscribed to in over 52 countries to leading a trade mission from Central America to Canada, Deborah is here to embark on a lifestyle journey, one that is about adventures and being of service, especially helping those who don’t yet know their ability to create their own results in life. It is what fulfills her, inspires her, what what makes a difference in the lives of others

NEI provides the most forward facing Mind & Business Tech for an ever increasingly conscious world. As you thrive, your business thrives and the positive influence and impact on your relationships from family, team members, clients and all interactions spread a positive shift in everyone you connect to, energetically & physically!

Areas of Expertise

Having acquired multiple talents over the course of her career, Deborah has helped people throughout her life. How can she help you?

Business Accelerator

Deborah helps existing businesses get to the next level. She is known in the industry as the business accelerator. As a Master Trainer in Neuro Science, Deborah possesses the innate ability to deliver higher mind tools that create change, growth and stability in any organization large or small.

Thought Leader

Deborah has a special gift of shifting the thought patterns, the points of view, the beliefs and the energy that block individuals, teams and entire organizations from thriving. Facilitating leadership retreats, board retreats, strategy sessions & negotiating high stakes deals, She is a visionary, a strategist and a change agent.

Professional Speaker

Deborah has delivered keynote speeches and customized programs in over 16 countries to date including; The 8th International Congress on Behavior Studies in Santiago, Spain; Leadership Skills for John Cabot University. Deborah is also a very engaged public presence in her local community with Los Angeles Police Department Community Police Advisory Board.

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