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The Neuro Engineering Institute, led by Deborah Peters, has earned a stellar reputation for its innovative  approach to Business Coaching, Mind-Set Training and Leadership Development. Peters, recognized as  one of the most influential business coaches globally, is known for her expertise in Neuro Science  techniques and her ability to unlock the hidden potential in business leaders and their leadership teams. Deborah’s experience as a speaker, coach & trainer spans 19 countries in a wide variety of industries  including NASDAQ, KIA Motors, EPSON, ARCO, The FBI and thousands of small to mid-size companies. 

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Work with a business coach that has invested her entire life in helping business leaders in 17 different countries and hundreds of industries. A coach who has worked with all kinds of leaders, from award winning directors to CEO’s! 

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Neuro Engineering Institute is pleased to announce its pivotal Business Coaching & Leadership Programs.

We have programs for every size company including The Leadership and Management Retreats, Custom Company Strategy Sessions and The Leadership Master Mind – 10 Months to Double Your Revenue Program. All programs are facilitated by renowned International Business Coach & Mind-Set Expert Deborah Peters. These exclusive events take place in the charming city of Savannah, Georgia, bringing together professionals from various industries to enhance their leadership skills, scale their business and unlock their full potential.

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"...The growth is exponential..."
Deborah is very insightful and custom tailors her consulting to match the client's specific needs - no "one size fits all" here. Thanks to Deborah, I've learned so much on how to manage my emotional state and how to communicate more effectively. I've been working with Deborah for over 20 years and I'm happy to say that the more she helps me, the MORE I need her help. The growth is exponential. I highly recommend Deborah Peters as both a personal coach and a business coach for management teams.
"...professional and personal life transformation..."
I had the good fortune of attending a series of Deborah's workshop/seminars. Initially, I was a bit skeptical as I had never before used the services of any type of business or performance coach. I've always considered myself a very motivated and resourceful individual, but my expectations were completely wrong. Working with Deborah helped to guide me on the path of professional and personal life transformation. Her analytical and intuitive gifts in the field of neuroscience and performance coaching are unmatched and I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to realize or unlock their highest potential. As a modern day alchemist, her magic is real and you won't regret it!
"... It’s an investment that I would encourage everyone to take..." time with Deborah has been career altering. I have grown a great deal, I went from working at my father’s family business to becoming majority owner and shifting my mindset to accomplish business goals that I would never have imagined without her help. It’s an investment that I would encourage everyone to take. You don’t know your full potential until you engage her services as a Coach to realize how a “simple” shift in perspective can allow your business or career to take off.
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Utilize the five pillars and the law of energy to really grasp how this Universe works so you can stop begging God for help. Instead, align with God as a Co-Creator. Work with Neimind to explore and build upon your health, wealth, self-expression, and relationships.


Improve the state of your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical being. Our program utilizes the law of vibration.


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