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The Business Accelerator Boot Camp

is the ultimate business program you will ever experience.

Manifest with The Neuro Engineering Institute.

It’s time for a fresh approach to rapidly and effectively growing your company.

We focus on developing and supporting the whole person, providing high level tools to thrive.

Learn to Strategize Effectively.

Great business leaders know they live & die by their strategies.

Becoming a part of the Scale Up Society offers aspiring business leaders a transformative journey towards mastering effective strategy. By emphasizing a nimble and forward-looking approach, providing access to expert guidance, fostering collaborative learning, and promoting real-time adaptability, the society equips its members with the tools and mindset necessary to create and execute well-mapped strategic plans. Joining the Scale Up Society can be a game-changer, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of the business world and achieve their goals with confidence.

Learn to Remain Relevant

As industries morph, some becoming obsolete or automated, innovation is not just an idea, it's a necessity.

As market demands shift, what you supply must evolve ahead of the curve. This must be more than a reaction. 

Learn to Stay Innovative

Now more than ever business leaders must be intuitive, self-aware, and conscious.

Successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to a business being able to improve is processes, bring new and improved products and services to market, increase its efficiency and, most importantly, improve its profitability. 

Learn to Master Intuit.

Learning to trust your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself.

Instincts are vital in our decision-making to help us notice when something might be wrong. 

Business leaders must learn how to dial in (tune in) to their heart ( what we refer to as our gut instinct) and apply it equally or more than logic.

Learn to Find Your Alignment.

As a business leader who practices alignment on a daily basis you become a formidable leader. Is it time for you to make this choice?

It’s not just one aspect of you or your new life that must align now. We, as human beings, are advancing swiftly now in our self-awareness. The old methods no longer apply. Every element of you and all of your capacities must work together, merging when necessary, and maintaining individual attunement simultaneously. 

Activating our many intelligences is required now! We have only utilized our IQ and EQ until now. We are being called to apply our SQ (Spiritual Quotient) to our business growth and this will continue to increase. Do you know your SQ? 

Learn to Build a Foundation.

Learn to define your business model from a perspective you've not known before.

The taller the skyscraper, the deeper the foundation. Companies that don’t scale, lack the foundation to build upon. 

Develop your Annual Strategic Plan from a higher level of awareness and understanding; a greater bandwidth if you will. 

Learn to Establish The Right Energy.

Having the right energies in the leadership team determines whether the needle moves.

Our experience shows that there are 3 energies you must have in your business. You’ll learn what they are, how to identify them in your team and to foster their performance. 

Combining those right energies with Key Activities, KPI’s and Metrics pulls the entire organization together. 

Learn to Contribute Effectively

What does your company want to become?

Every business is an integral party (molecule) of the fabric of the universe. It contributes to the economy, communities and the lives of the staff, customers and business partners it engages with. 

Learn to Connect Authentically

We build stronger more fluid and expansive businesses when we connect our head and our heart.

There is no separation between who we are as a person and how we show up in our business dealings. This is being in integrity. 

Learn to Move With Clarity

Choke points can fog our vision and cause confusion of what is possible.

Visions, dreams and our imagination is what launches the company. It’s what takes it to greater heights. We provide tools to move beyond the choke points so you can hit the refresh button.

Two Days of Solid Growth.

Walking You Through The Business Accelerator System.

Connect in person with likeminded individuals.

Network as you meet face to face with Deborah Peters, a globally recognized business coach, over two transformative days.

Build a game plan for you to implement.

Through The Business Accelerator Boot Camp, you'll go through a targeted Mapping Process to Design Your Future High Performance Life & Business.

Book a Pre-Event Strategy Session & Maximize Your Growth.

Fast track your success, growth & Mindset shift with a private session before the event. Prepare for what's to come with Deborah!

Two hour Live Virtual Program

post boot camp to support you in making the necessary Shift into Thriving.

Let Deborah be your accountability coach. Check in with Deborah after you start applying what you’ve learned at the bootcamp to your own business and lifestyle. Ask questions, understand where you need to adjust, and make sure you’re on the right track when you pay for The Business Accelerator Bootcamp in full.

Heal Your Money Story

Shift, Change & Heal Your Money Story With This Program.

We all have a story about money. Whatever the relationship we have with money creates blocks to Receiving. On Day 3 you get to create the new patterns, beliefs and relationship with money that serves your future High Performance Life & Business.

Pre-Event Strategy Session

Fast track your success, growth & Mindset shift with a private session before the event.

Meet directly with the person guiding you through The Business Accelerator Bootcamp – Deborah Peters. Use this pre-meeting session for questions, advice, and more. This extra time will be included in your Bootcamp experience when you decide to pay in full.

Combining logic with cretivity.

This program is blended with Neuro Science and Energy Focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical business seminars are designed to get the Business Leader to focus and change circumstances outside oneself and outside of one’s business which is often futile.
The Mind-Set tools layered into the pragmatic business growth tools enable Business Leaders to create success from the inside out; achieving greater goals and outcomes.
Somewhere between 10 – 20. We don’t have a set number. Our objective is to create an environment conducive to expansion and a dynamic that fosters growth. You will grow through connecting with the other Business Leaders as well.

Due to the nature of this specialized curriculum, reconnecting to yourself Spiritually and utilizing that connection in all of your business decisions is one of the key learnings.

Yes! It is encouraged that you ask for clarification during the program. Deborah will provide blocks of time to unpack any of the tools taught so you can gain a deeper understanding.

Yes! We encourage you to bring at least one person on your team. This way you gain a different perspective from the teachings and you have someone back at your company that can support and assist in making the shifts.

Since this is a small and intimate program we suggest you bring your top direct report(s) and an influencer from within your organization.

You want to make certain this is the right program for your growth and success at this time. This program isn’t for everyone. We also like to know everyone who is joining us in order to create the greatest experience for each business leader at the table.

We cover this with you during the conversation around your application.

Given that we have filters in place to ensure this program is a fit for you and you are a fit for it, you get to be responsible for your outcomes. With that said, there are no refunds.

There is a virtual follow-up with the business leaders who attended. This gives you a chance to ask questions about anything that has come up since the program. Often Deborah will have a Master Mind available that you can join.

At least once/year. You will find your business growth between boot camps requires a refresh leading to new levels of Thought and application.

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