Shift, Change, and Heal Your Money Story Online Course

April 11, 2019
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Date(s) - Thursday, April 11, 2019



Course Begins Week of April 11th, 2019

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn the Emerging Mind-Tech that enables you to Receive Money, Allow more Money to flow into your Business and Life and how to identify and release blocks to Receiving.
  • Receiving Money is the most critical awareness a small business owner needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come easy. In this online course, I’ll explain the 10 Winning Techniques for Receiving Money, Increasing Flow and applying that to selling and closing deals that work in any industry.
  • Learn to Identify How You Create Money Blocks
  • What is Receiving? Open Yourself To Receive More With Less Effort! More Happiness, More Love, More Health, More Friendships, More Inspiration…. Align With Your Outcome Before You Do Business Pull Opportunities To You Rather Than Chasing People


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