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Medicine Hat Business Accelerator System Certification Course

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Markets around the world are constantly evolving as is the business landscape of Medicine and Alberta. It is no longer enough for our businesses to survive when there is an option to thrive. The marketplace is always demanding businesses evolve in order to stay competitive and relevant! The sophistication of the consumer is ever expanding placing higher demands on business owners to Scale their business by evolving and enhancing offerings to be responsive to the needs of current and future customers. Simply put, without a Scale-able business the business is not sustainable.

Medicine Hat College’s Vision: To lead in learning excellence. Mission: Medicine Hat College is a learner focused provider of quality education, training and services to its communities.

We offer the business leaders of Medicine Hat and surrounding area this world class program by bestselling author & global business coach Deborah Peters. Based in Los Angeles, California, Deborah will teach this three day certificate program for the community to take advantage of in a live seminar. Following a highly successful one-day introductory workshop in July 2018, Deborah returns to facilitate the three-day Business Accelerator System Certificate Program May 27th – May 29th, 2019.

Turn your passion into profit and elevate your position within your industry for the very first time! Create additional streams of income. Stop trading time for money! Shift from having a self-created job to running a thriving business.

Utilize The Alberta Job Grant by investing in your business now. Click this link to apply for The Canada-Alberta Job Grant to off-set up to 2/3rds of your employees tuition. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the business coaching you need from a high level international business coach.

Opening Remarks

Mayor of Medicine Hat Keith Ted Clugston

Medicine Hat College President & CEO, Kevin Shufflebotham

Course Curriculum

Key Objectives You’ll Learn

Mind-Set & Mindfulness in Business

  • Envisioning Outcomes as a tool for creating, receiving & actualizing your company’s goals and desired outcomes
  • Neuro Science for business as a tool to maximize the infinite potential of your Mind to train your brain to perform intentionally rather than by default. This enables expanded & resourceful thinking for greater results to come with more ease
  • Master your self-talk! Tools to transform your self-talk into empowering, expansive and intentional conversations within yourself that inspire growth, bigger results and powerful outcomes
  • Continual up-level of Receiving, allowing flow and experiencing ease and joy while leading and growing your business
  • Long term mastery of your mind-set that is applicable to each step of growth of your organization over time. To Scale your business, the leader(s) must first Scale their Mind
  • Learn the latest business growth strategies & neuro science techniques to Shift your Mind-set now

Day I, May 27th:
Re-Think Your Business Model to capitalize on the rapid speed of innovation

  • Learn the top six most effective, successful and nimble business models
  • The Four Steps to innovating your Business Model
  • The Nine Basic building blocks to executing your business model
  • Your Business is its own entity. Design your business to support the lifestyle you desire and expand your future that generates enthusiasm for living

The Three Myths of Innovation

  • The #1 Key to avoid path dependency (ruts and stuck energy) and stay relevant (and competitive) in our evolving economy
  • The Power of Imagination & Envisioning

The Ten Myths of Business Growth

  • Leveraging Relationships
  • Engaging Stakeholders
  • Leadership
  • The Three Energies You Need in Your Business and how to cultivate them

Day II, May 28th:

This is the day where your Business begins to Scale! Your Annual Strategic Plan is the “HOW”:

  • The Execution of Your Business Model
  • Your Profitability
  • The Efficiency of Your Sales System
  • Your Company’s ROI
  • Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Clarity & Efficacy
  • Leadership Performance
  • Management Structure
  • Growth Trajectory in Reaching Goals, Benchmarks & Your Company BHAG
  • Right People in the Right Roles Performing at their Peak
  • The Overview of your Annual Strategic Plan
  • The Four Elements of your Annual Strategic Planning process
  • The Three types of Alignment in your organization
  • Clarifying the individual pieces of your Annual Strategic Plan

Day III, May 29th:
Execution, Results & Measurable Outcomes

  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • The Right Sales System for your organization

Eight Reasons Values drive performance and how to leverage your company’s Values

  • Measuring performance through Metrics
  • Coaching Skills to foster & encourage Peak Performance

Communication Skills of Leaders

  • Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as a Communication Tool
  • Understanding the drivers behind your team’s success (and failures) as in Peak Performance and under achievement
  • Overcoming resistance in your team and developing higher level Mind-Set
  • Identifying blocks to success and Coaching yourself and your team into uncharted territory to receive and achieve more
  • Understanding non-verbal communication; Sensory Acuity
  • Listening and uncovering Language Patterns that reveal resistance points in clients, your team and yourself
  • Building Rapport regardless of agreement
  • Building Rapport 1:1 and beyond to 1:Many


May 28th

The V.I.P. Dinner is not just about networking and connecting. This event is a high level Master Mind facilitated by Deborah Peters. You’ll experience an acceleration of your Mind-Set, use Energy to Create so you can step beyond the perceived limitations of Time and Discover New Ways of Allowing Higher Level Outcomes in your business quicker, with more ease. Deborah will guide you to tap into The Spirit of Your Business cultivating deeper meaning, fulfillment and connection to your Vision, Mission, Goals and Purpose. Includes Dinner, Non-Alcoholic Beverages and MasterMind. Limited Seating!

Tickets available HERE



Traction Partner -$500

  • Branding at Event
  • High Level Networking
  • Interactive & Experiential Master Mind Program to Up-Level  Your Business

Momentum Partner – $1000

  • V.I.P. Dinner & Mastermind Event Tickets for Three
  • Branding at V.I.P. Dinner
  • Bring Your Team to Build Synergy and Collaboration

Game Changer – $3500

  • Business Accelerator System Course General Admission Tickets for 2 Team Members
  • Event Branding
  • High Level Networking
  • Recognition during the event from the stage
  • Opportunity to Introduce Your Company

Thought Leader Partner – $5000

  • Business Accelerator System Course General Admission Tickets for 4 Team Members or Client Perks
  • Front Row Seating
  • Pre-Event Branding
  • High Level Networking
  • Recognition during the event from the stage
  • Opportunity to Introduce Your Company
  • Lunch with Deborah during one day of the event

Innovator Partner – $10,000

  • Business Accelerator System Course General Admission Tickets for 10 Team Members or Client Perks
  • V.I.P. Dinner & Mastermind Event May 7 for Three People
  • Pre-Event Branding
  • Event Branding, Introduction from the Stage and Stage Mentions
  • High Level Networking
  • Recognition during the event from the stage
  • Opportunity to Introduce Your Company
  • Front Row Seating

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