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Master Your Mind & Emotions

Accelerate Your Revenue

Mastery of Self: Alignment

Mastery of Your Relationships

Mastery of Your Revenue

Who have you been? Who are you BE-ing?

Expand and deepen your relationship with your SELF.

Learn to generate abundance from the inside out.

Master aspects of your Mind, Thoughts & Emotions that create the blocks to Receiving

Surround yourself with people who champion your Greatness, who celebrate you Being More.

Deepen relationships with Aligned People who Contribute to You.

Dissolve sticky relationship energy that seemingly blocks your happiness, growth, freedom, money etc.

Draw to you people who are Aligned.

Design, Implement & Execute on The Key Behaviors & Habits that Maximize Your Time to the Utmost Efficiency.

Generate a Natural Flow & Rhythm

Open to Receive More with Less Effort

Draw upon your Key People as Partners

STOP Trading Time for Money!

Master Your Ability to Create!
To Generate! To Allow! To Receive!

Here is what you will learn in this 12 week Live On-Line High Touch Program:

Discover your ability to Master your own Mind! Your emotions, your thoughts, your self-talk, your feelings and what you visualize.

Learn to Identify Your Blind Spots that Block Flow and Create Resistance to Living Your High Performance Life

Utilize your Mind-Mastery to grow your business interests & increase your Income.

Apply your Mind-Mastery to identifying and creating new Revenue Streams.

Shift Relationship dynamics in your personal life and business into positive, inspiring and generating.

Cultivate Mind-Mastery! Increase and magnify your ability to function above base level emotions like; fear, doubt, anger, sadness, regret, resentment.

Discover how to Use & Manage Your Energy to Attract opportunities.

Take Action with Intention.


Creating New Ways of Thinking (Neurologically) Requires Patterning.

12 Weekly Lessons Generates New Patterns that Produce New Results.

From Mind-Set to Leading Your Life, Your Business, Your Team through Inspiration with Courage & Enthusiasm.

A Downloadable Course Workbook for Success Strategies & Leadership Tools. 

Exercises to Increase Your Revenue & the Necessary Mind-Hacks to Put It All Into Play at EVERY Level.

Learn from Anywhere, While You Apply These High Level Self Mastery, Business Strategy & Leadership Skills to Live a High Performance Life.

Creating New Patterns of BE-ing Takes Place in the Classroom and On the Fly.

This Is An Elite Program!

I have loaded The Mind-Mastery Revenue Acceleration Master-Class with the newest & best Mind-Set (Neuro Science) I’ve created over the past year! Combined with 20+ years of experience, it’s a combination I’ve never offered before. By the start date I continually add more advanced tools that have been tested in different markets, industries, cultures and environments.” Deborah Peters

William Osgood - Marine, Contract Negotiator for Diverse/Veteran Owned Business

Cesar Hernandez - CEO CAD Stoneworks

Jason Buck, Realtor; Remax Palos Verdes

I bought the package that includes The Business Accelerator Boot Camp and The Mind Mastery Revenue Accelerator Coaching Program. The very first Session, I was blown away from what I heard, and internalized.  As a result, I made several critical decisions that will and have already changed my business forever.

These programs blew the doors off of my way of thinking; I realized the extent of the possibilities I had been blind to, right in the middle of the most disastrous economic climate the world and this country have ever known. These two programs enabled me to create possibilities I never knew existed, and as a result, we have created two new ventures, one a legal joint venture, and the other a teaming agreement to pursue federal, state, and local supply chain opportunities.

Both of which will grow our mediocre and small government contracting business into a business that allows me to fulfill my mission statement – “Create wealth for the business owner so they can invest in the lives of their employees and hire veterans.”

Finally, a Business Coaching Program that not only aligns with my Business values, but with my personal and spiritual values as well.

The Mind Mastery Revenue Accelerator Coaching Program has given me a step by step plan, the clarity to visualize the “End Goal” where I want to take my company to, as well as the ability to bring the Leader I wanted to be in 5-10 years to the present time!

I am a different person than I was when I began this program a month ago.

In the middle of a global lock down, I’m successfully selling luxury properties. 

I’ve refined my Branding and see the results in the number of property showings I am scheduling.

This is my second engagement working with NEI, my first was about 10 years ago. I experienced a very positive shift then as well that set my future success for long term results.

I’m enjoying this new program that is again a level-up.

Lesson Plan