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Our unique approach involves an interactive facilitation process that is designed with neuro science principles. This is done to engage and integrate both sides of your brain to stimulate the greatest creative thought. By merging this science-based approach with proven business growth tactics, we help you formulate strategies that stand out in today’s competitive market.

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Strategy Sessions

At the Neuro Engineering Institute, helping business leaders of small to mid-size companies reach their goals is our passion. These sessions are led by world renowned business coach, Deborah Peters, an experienced professional who understands the unique challenges that come with managing a company in today’s market and has developed a strategy session specifically tailored to SMEs.

Our strategy sessions are designed to provide you with the tools and resources you need to take your business to the next level. Our experienced team will work with you on a customized plan that is tailored specifically for your business needs. Together, we will develop an actionable plan that allows you to leverage every advantage and fixed challenges in order to maximize your profits and engage inspired team members.

Focus on:

Empowering Your Dormant Potential:

We believe that every individual, and by extension, every team has dormant greatness. Our strategy sessions are structured to unearth this latent potential in your team. We provide an environment that allows your team to explore, express, and utilize their hidden capabilities, thereby contributing to the overall growth of your company.

Holistic Business Growth Strategy:

Our strategy sessions are more than just a brainstorming session. They are a comprehensive Business Growth Strategy experience for your company’s upcoming year. We ensure that all elements of your organization are aligned; from Mind-Set and Values to Business Model Design, Annual Strategy, Leadership Development, and Corporate Culture. We strive to inspire your team and stimulate growth in all aspects of your business. 

Multi-Faceted Revenue Stream Development:

One key aspect of business growth is the development of diverse revenue streams. Our strategy sessions will help you identify and develop established, dormant, and yet undiscovered revenue streams. By diversifying your income sources, we fortify your business against market volatilities, ensuring sustainable growth. 

Design Your Strategy Session

We offer flexibility in designing your strategy session. You can choose the duration that best suits your schedule and objectives, ranging from a half-day to a three-day intensive session.

Additionally, you can further enrich your experience by selecting from various addons. These extras can be customized to address specific areas of your business, providing deeper insights into your operational strategies and unleashing your team’s potential. Your coach is here to create a strategy session that delivers the most value for your business, catering to its unique needs and growth objectives. 

Half-day Session

Our half-day strategy session provides a comprehensive look at your business needs, tailored to drive growth and success in the coming years. In this intensive four-hour session, Deborah Peters, our world-renowned business coach, will help you dissect the challenges and recognize the opportunities in your unique market environment.

The content of this session includes:

  1. A detailed analysis of your company’s current position and future prospects.
  2. An interactive discussion on your specific business needs and goals.
  3. Tailored strategies designed to leverage your advantages and tackle your challenges.
  4. The development of an actionable plan for immediate implementation.

Please note that while this half-day session is condensed for time, it does not compromise on quality or depth. Additionally, you have the option to enhance your experience by adding on a dinner with Deborah, choosing a destination location for your session, or scheduling quarterly reviews to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Full-Day Strategy Session

Our full-day strategy session takes an even deeper dive into your business landscape, offering an extensive, eight-hour exploration of your company’s potential and opportunities. Led by the immensely knowledgeable Deborah Peters, this full-day session aims to foster an environment that bolsters innovative thinking and strategic decision-making.

The content of this session includes:

  1. A comprehensive assessment of your company’s market position, including an in-depth review of your competitors.
  2. A thorough exploration of your specific business needs, operational goals, and long-term visions.
  3. Customized strategies aimed at amplifying your strengths, mitigating your challenges, and identifying untapped market opportunities.
  4. The formulation of a detailed, actionable plan for immediate execution and future growth.
  5. A dedicated session on team development and leadership enhancement, to inspire and engage your team members for long-term success.

As with the half-day session, the full-day strategy session maintains an uncompromising standard of quality, breadth, and depth. To enrich your experience further, you have the option to add-on a dinner with Deborah, select an inspiring location for your session, or arrange for bi-monthly reviews to continually monitor and adjust your strategic plan as necessary.

Two-Day Strategy Session

For those looking for the ultimate deep dive into their business, our two-day strategy session offers an extensive, holistic exploration of your company’s potential, opportunities, and challenges. This session, spread over two intensive days and led by the incomparable Deborah Peters, provides an environment designed to foster innovative thinking, strategic decision-making, and team building. 

The content of this session includes:

  1. An exhaustive assessment and deconstruction of your company’s market position, including a detailed analysis of your competition and a forecast of market trends.
  2. An in-depth exploration of your specific business needs, operational goals, and long-term vision, ensuring every facet of your company is considered.
  3. Strategies fine-tuned to your business, aimed at capitalizing on your strengths, addressing your challenges, and discovering new market opportunities.
  4. The creation of a meticulously detailed, actionable plan for immediate execution and long-term growth—laying the groundwork for sustained success.
  5. A series of dedicated sessions focusing on team development and leadership enhancement, designed to inspire your team members and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Like our half-day and full-day sessions, the two-day strategy session upholds an uncompromising standard of quality and depth. Along with the session, you may opt to add a dinner with Deborah, select an immersive location for your session, or schedule monthly reviews to ensure your strategic plan remains effective and relevant. This comprehensive package is our most immersive offering, designed to leave no stone unturned in driving your business success.

Three-Day Strategy Session

For those who desire an all-encompassing business transformation, our three-day strategy session provides a comprehensive, immersive examination of your company’s potential, opportunities, and challenges. Spanning three intensive days under the expert guidance of Deborah Peters, this session is designed to stimulate innovative thinking, strategic decision-making, and a strong team spirit. 

The content of this session includes:

  1. A thorough and critical evaluation of your company’s market position, inclusive of a detailed competitor analysis and future market trend predictions.
  2. A multi-faceted exploration of your specific business needs, operational objectives, and long-term vision, ensuring a 360-degree view of your company.
  3. Bespoke strategies fine-tuned to your business, aimed at amplifying your strengths, overcoming your challenges, and unlocking undiscovered market opportunities.
  4. The crafting of a comprehensive, actionable plan for immediate implementation and sustainable growth—forming the foundation of your future success.
  5. A variety of dedicated sessions centered around team building and leadership enhancement, geared to inspire your team members and cultivate an environment of innovation, cooperation, and resilience.

In line with our shorter sessions, the three-day strategy session maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and depth. Enhance your experience by opting for a dinner with Deborah, choosing an inspiring location for your session, or arranging for frequent reviews to keep your strategic plan dynamic and responsive. Our three-day strategy session is our most inclusive offering, meticulously designed to pivot your business towards enduring success.

Amplify your experience with add-on's...

To enhance the effectiveness and experience of your strategy sessions, we offer a range of add-ons. These services are meticulously designed to complement your package, ensuring you receive the maximum value from your investment with us. 

Destination Locations:

The right environment can be a powerful tool for fostering creativity, strategic thinking, and team collaboration.

Change your perspective and boost productivity by taking your strategy session out of the office and into an inspiring location of your choice. Take your strategy session beyond the four walls of your office and create an experience that inspires, motivates, and uplifts your team.

Whether it’s an upscale conference room in a city skyscraper, a quiet retreat in the countryside, a beachside villa, or even a historic castle, we can meet you there.

Office Locations:

You have the option to host the strategy session at your office, adding convenience and familiarity to the process.

The comfort of familiarity can often be the birthplace of great ideas. Hosting a strategy session in your office adds a level of convenience and familiarity that can help you and your team members better focus on the tasks at hand. There’s no stress of travel, no unfamiliar surroundings, and no adjustment period.

This option allows you and your team to remain in an environment you know well, potentially fostering a higher level of engagement and productivity.

Dinner with Deborah:

Attend a dinner the evening prior to your session, providing a unique opportunity for your leadership team to engage with Deborah directly.

Engage with Deborah in a more informal setting by opting for the ‘Dinner with Deborah’ add-on. This unique opportunity allows your leadership team to have a one-on-one interaction with Deborah the evening before your session. It provides a relaxed environment to share insights, ask questions, and discuss your business challenges directly with Deborah.

It’s more than just a meal—it’s an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for a successful strategy session, fueled by personal connections and insightful discussions.

Quarterly Reviews:

Opting for quarterly reviews provides you with the opportunity to regularly assess your progress, readjust your strategies, and maintain a clear, focused path towards your business goals.

When it comes to ensuring the ultimate success of your business, consistent check-ins are vital, and this is where our quarterly reviews come into play.

These regular evaluations allow you to timely spot any potential issues and make necessary adjustments to your business strategy. They facilitate a culture of continuous learning and improvement, as you refine your tactics based on real-world evidence. Regular feedback from Deborah and the team during these reviews provides an external perspective that can highlight blind spots, validate your strategies, or suggest innovative alternatives.

Half-Yearly Review:

Schedule a half-yearly review for a comprehensive evaluation of your strategy’s effectiveness and refinement.

Embrace the opportunity for a more in-depth analysis of your strategy’s effectiveness by scheduling a half-yearly review. This biannual evaluation is designed to thoroughly assess the performance of your business and align your strategies with the evolving market conditions. It provides an extensive, holistic view of your strategic plan and enables you to make any necessary refinements to maximize your success.

Dive deeper into your strategic planning and execution with a half-yearly review. This structured approach provides a detailed roadmap for the journey ahead, supporting you in your efforts to drive constant innovation, progress, and growth.

Pre-Recorded Content Reviews:

Gain access to pre-recorded reviews of the content covered during your session, enabling ongoing learning and reinforcement post-session.

Achieve continued growth and understanding even after your strategy session has ended with our Pre-Recorded Content Reviews. This feature allows you and your team to revisit the content discussed during the session at your own pace, ensuring that every concept, strategy, and action plan is fully comprehended and internalized.

These pre-recorded reviews serve as a comprehensive learning resource, enabling you and your team to reinforce what was learned during the session. They cover every important detail, strategy, and insight shared during your engagement with Deborah, allowing you to review, reflect, and deepen your understanding of the material.

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