Wesley Paterson

February 1, 2019

As Corporate Training Officer here at Medicine Hat College, my role is to connect Business & Industry with training that meets their needs, increasing employee performance, morale, motivation, and also improving their bottom line.

Deborah Peters’ Business Accelerator Boot Camp does just that, teaching the participants to scale-up, automate, & accelerate their business. Deborah Peters’ delivered as promised and more!

My wife and I were so impressed, that we have both personally signed up for her Mastermind Program and look forward to continuing to implement these tools every day within our business – Redcliff Kinesiology.

We are working with Deborah to build multiple revenue streams within our business, Scaling-Up and Accelerating full-throttle, delivering exceptional value to our ever growing clientele.

We are also having Deborah Peters’ come back to Canada and deliver another workshop at MHC in Spring 2019!

If you are looking to move your business up to the next level, I encourage you to take advantage of what Deborah has to offer.”

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